Trading Conditions / Privacy Policy is owned by Climatech. The shop sell small spare parts primarily to the consumer, as well as outlet for companies (requires VAT number).

It is always Climatech that decides whether an order is completed.

There is no return on batteries, spare parts, and used products (outlet)!
There is no warranty on batteries.
Used products (outlet) have limited warranty.
The conditions for the individual products are described in the shop.

The shipment is sent with the information the customer has entered, the accuracy is the customer’s responsibility!
Delivery to carrier typically takes place on the day after receipt of an order, but may take longer (Christmas, holidays, vacations, etc.).
When the package is delivered to the carrier, the responsibility is between the carrier and the customer!
Shipping is for packet shop and droppoint. Trading is only with the countries showed at checkout.
If a shipment is returned from the carrier for any reason to Climatech (e.g. failure to pick up at a drop point, incorrect address information, etc.), the customer must pay a handling fee, as well as a new shipment! (Climatech receives an invoice from the carrier, you must pay it!) It is not possible to cancel an order once it has been handled in the shop. A return must be agreed with Climatech in advance, and the customer must have an RMA number which must be written on the shipment. The customer pays for the return and is responsible for the shipment.
If a shipment is sent by Climatech, it cannot be cancled by not picking it up!

Payment is made with PayPal. It is possible to use the most common payment cards, as well as a PayPal account.

All orders will be add a handling fee, the fee can be seen at checkout.

If you have questions or want an RMA number, create a support case at
For returns, it is always your responsibility the product arrive at Climatech!  You pay the return cost.
If you return anything it must be complete. If the product is used incorrectly, not covered by the warranty, or without a RMA number, you are billed for our time, as well as return shipping to you.
All returned items are reviewed, you must expect a discount in the price that corresponds to the re-establishment of a product that you purchased.

Additional trading conditions are available at

To complete a trade we need your contact information (Name, Address, Email, Phone Number).
This information is used exclusively to carry out shipment to you.
Payment is handled by PayPal and will be a matter between you and PayPal.